iStock_000003728497XSmallBathrooms are one of the most important areas to focus your energy when cleaning your place.

Not only do you use them regularly, but so will every guest you have over.

A lot of us get used to how our bathrooms look over time. If you’re planning on entertaining, try and look at your bathroom as someone who has never seen it before would. Maybe there are some little things that you have gotten used to but others may find unsightly.

The busier counters and bathtub ledges are with personal items and nic nacs, the more time consuming they will be to clean.


Mirrors should be streak-free from all angles. If they’re not, they will not look clean and you’ll just be forced to do them again. The mirror will also stay cleaner longer if it’s really clean.

I recommend a foam glass cleaner like Invisible Glass or Bon Ami.

If you still can’t get your mirror clean, try vinegar and water, as this will remove any build up that you may have from other products.


Make sure to clean the bowl, lids, fronts, bases, tops, and especially in and around the seat fasteners where dirt tends to collect. We recommend Spray Vim for the entire bathroom.

Wipe the base of the toilet and in behind the toilet by hand including the baseboard as a mop just can’t do this job.


Clean all lights (including the bulbs once they have cooled), toilet paper and towel racks, and the tops of the shower curtain rod. Also take care to clean the underside of taps especially where taps meet sinks and tubs. Hot water and a simple scrubbie will take away all gunk.

If you have a shower door with metal trim, take the time to clean the track. If you have halogen lights over your mirror, try to clean the mirror before you turn on the lights, as the lights heat up the mirror and therefore make it impossible to get a streak free finish.


Try and fold all towels hotel style (in three). This is a simple technique that will really give you that professional look. See the welcome video for how to do this folding technique.


Many people have splash marks on the wall where the hand towel is kept. Check your walls all around the bathroom especially near the toilet.

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