iStock_000006061927XSmallIf you have hardwood floors, I recommend you use Murphy’s Oil Soap.

There are some other hardwood floor products on the market designed for hardwood, and one that comes to mind: Pledge Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

Once again, if you find that you might have a build up of product on your floors then use vinegar and water a couple of times and that should bring back your shine.

We also use two types of mops, both of which are made by Vileda. The first mop is a rag style head, in which the actual mop head is made up of blue and white strips of cloth, and we use this on baseboards and all tile floors. We typically use Murphy’s Oil Soap and you don’t need very much product. The second mop, is a flat micro fiber, which is what we use on hardwood floors.


Always do the baseboards first, (with the rag mop) and make sure that the mop is wet enough (but not soaking) to actually clean the baseboards. Do the entire house at once. It won’t matter how clean your house is at the end of the day, if your baseboards are still dirty, then your house will look dirty.

Tile Floors

Use the same mop to wash all of your tile floors. You can do these all at once, or if you prefer you can do a floor at a time.

Whether it’s tile or hardwood, be sure to mop around table and chair legs, and under furniture.

Hardwood Floors

When mopping hardwood floors, use about a cap full of Murphy’s Oil Soap in about 6 liters of warm to hot water. You must get the mop head wet and ring it out by hand, again you want it wet but not soaking wet.

General Moping Tips

Mop your way out of a room, and it helps to keep the mop head going in the same direction of the grain of the hardwood floor – this reduces the chance of streaks forming.

When it’s all dry, put back your mats, chairs, and anything else you picked up off the floor.

Remove the mop heads and place in the washing machine.

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