Vacuuming a carpetDepending on the size of your place, this can be a big job, but it’s possible to be fast and also be thorough.

It’s important to vacuum well as I recommend mopping afterwards and this can only be as good as the vacuuming that precedes it.


If you are able to, try and move couches, chairs, and other items like bedside tables. You should also try and move your beds every two to three months and vacuum underneath.

Area Rugs

For large area rugs (8 x 10 and up) vacuum under the edges or fold it back. Vacuum and then pick up smaller rugs to prepare for mopping afterward.

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

If you have occasional fires or a wood stove, vacuum hearths to remove ashes as they can blow around to other parts of your house easily.


Open closet doors and vacuum into them, and even empty them out, especially the front hall closet where a lot of dirt can be tracked in on shoes from outside.


As you vacuum through your kitchen, open the bread drawer or where you store the toaster, and vacuum up the crumbs. Do the same with the cutlery drawer.

Lamp Shades

They too need to be vacuumed, but hold the seams with one hand while vacuuming, and if possible, reduce the suction on the vacuum as some shades can be delicate.


If you have an entrance from the garage into your house, vacuum towards or into the garage which will keep grit from making its way into your house.

Patio Doors

Open patio doors and vacuum the tracks.

When my crew goes into a house to clean, we vacuum all floor surfaces, as vacuuming is better than sweeping. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, & stone floors. If your baseboards are very dusty vacuum them before moping.

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